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Maxillary incisor


Facial - relating to or involving the face; an inclusive term for the labial and buccal surfaces, both surfaces being in direct contact with areas of the face.

The nasal fossa is the open space in the area of the nose. The shapes of the fossae are determined in part by adjacent structures including the nasal septum and the inferior conchae.

The nasal septum is the thin wall of bone in the midline of the face that separates the right and left nasal fossae.

The anterior nasal spine is the triangular protuberance of bone that extends forward from the inferior aspect of the nasal cavity at the midline.

The inter maxillary / median palatal suture extends from the alveolar crest through the anterior nasal spine, posteriorly to distal aspect of hard palate.

The mid-palatine suture appears in this central incisor periapical projection as a dark, or radiolucent line at the midline.

The incisive foramen transmits the nasopalatine nerves and vessels. It is variable in size, shape and border.

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